Out of Season Vest That Is Now Back In Season

I got this pattern for a zip-up, outdoorsy style vest for Christmas, and had been hoarding the flannel fabric I wanted to use for it for about 8 months before that. I finally got around to sewing this guy up last week...when we had this crazy surge of warm weather and it was nearing 80 degrees. In March. In New York. 80 degrees in March in New York!  Thankfully, for this vest's sake (but not for all other New Yorkers), as I type this, it is 30 degrees, windy and chilly, and again the perfect weather for a flannel vest!
The pattern is Simplicity 2480, and came together pretty easily, though there were a lot of steps.  It's been so long since I sewed from a pattern!  I have no recollection of where I got the flannel, but it's fairly heavyweight, and I'm sure it will be toasty!
The one not-so-good thing about it (and my mother is cringing over this right now), is that the plaids don't match.  But!  But!  I didn't try to make them match!  I just cut the pieces out haphazardly and assumed they would be off enough that it would be obviously that I didn't try to match them.  INSTEAD, they are just like an inch off, so it totally looks like I attempted to match them and just failed!
Ha!  Oh well.  I'm not going for construction points on this one, just for warmth.  And that I got - just in time for round 2 of winter.  Arggggghhhh....


  1. It turned out great Val! And I didn't even notice the plaids didn't match! Haha! Love how you paired it with the striped shirt too!

  2. I'm bursting with happiness from all the stripes happening in these photos.

  3. I didn't notice that the plaids didn't match, either! So cute-- I love this vest!