I started off the weekend watching The Hunger Games around the time that Thursday night met Friday morning (with my midnight movie companions Brittany and Brian), and then spent the next 72 hours doing one of the following things:  thinking about which tribute was my favorite, dreaming about Effie's outfits, wondering if Jennifer Lawrence would ever want to be my friend, or talking about the movie, to everyone from my parents and sister, to friends, to one of Scott's classmates (who had just finished reading it, and so I lent him my Catching Fire and Mockingjay).  It's the kind of completely obsessive fanatic behavior that I should probably be embarrassed of, but I'm not (let's be honest, I get like this a lot)!!!

So, here's to a weekend completely consumed by The Hunger Games and all things related to it!

P.S.  This blurry picture right below is Cameron Mathison interviewing people in line around 11:00 PM.  Seeing things like that really make me love living in New York.


  1. Let's go see it again!

    PS... totes been to that theater :)

  2. I happen to love your obsessive fanatic behavior.. and analyzing the entire movie with me. It's what friends are for, right?

  3. i, too, am undeniably, utterly obsessed.

  4. ahh I can't wait to go again! I have to keep myself from talking about it... :)