SSS: Day 8 + Two New Items

Self-Stitched September Day 8 

The outfit:  Tie Neck T + Aqua Awesome Skirt (both new, see below!)

The occasion:  work, wearing Spanx alllll day because this skirt shows it all, realizing I'm five degrees away from Prince William and therefore six degrees away from KATE

I really prefer to spread the first wearing of newly made clothes out a little more so all the excitement of them doesn't end in one day, but this top and skirt looked so good together, I just couldn't help it!

First up, the skirt:  the fabric is a polyester crepe suiting from Fabric.com (the turquoise is no longer available, but here are tons of other colors).  The pattern is Burdastyle 01/2011 pencil skirt with back godet, which I've been eying ever since LAST fall.  I love the yoke at the waist...
and I really love the godet!  It's this extra piece of fabric (in the shape of a pie piece) that goes in the back of the skirt instead of leaving the slit open.  And no, I did not know what "godet" meant until I used this pattern and had to look it up :)  And I still don't know how to pronounce it.

The top is from a FREE pattern download on Fabric.com from Hot Patterns - the Fringe Festival Knit Top.  I know, that name does not sound like anything you would ever want to wear.  And in fact, the ends of these ties are supposed to be cut into fringe.  Shudder.  Everything else about it looked just fine though!  I chose not to get my fringe on, of course, and made this top a little oversized and from a black t-shirt knit.  The result is, of course, super comfortable, but also a step up into dressy territory with the extra little tie. 
I deemed it office appropriate, anyway!


  1. I love this outfit! Both pieces are gorgeous! Love love love.

  2. Wow! Those are fabulous pieces! I've been trying to find a top like that! And the color of the skirt is awesome!

  3. Love this! Your skirt is beautiful!

  4. so cute! I just stumbled across your blog and i love your style! I'm going to have to go use that free pattern! I would love to be bloggie buddies ;) want to follow each other?


  5. Oh how exciting! I've been eying up that skirt since it's release in the magazine...so glad to see it made up. It looks gorgeous - and wow, what a fab colour!!! Was it easy to make, do you have any tips? Did you line your skirt?

  6. This is one of my favorite outfits! Love the skirt color and love the style of the top. Good job.

  7. i think the discovery of 6 degrees from kate blocked this skirt from my memory because i SUPER COVET IT. (what's stronger than covet, but less threatening than "i will snatch it from you the next time i see you?"). food for thought: i just turned your blog into a deep thoughts machine.