Two Scoops of Sorbetto

Over the weekend, I made two little tops from the (FREE) Sorbetto Top Pattern by Colette Patterns.  It's a fairly simple pullover top, which leaves lots of room to do what you want with it!

For the yellow cotton top on the left, I added a Peter Pan collar using this tutorial.  For the ivory pin dot cotton voile top on the right, I made my own bias tape - a first!
 I also cut the ivory top in half down the back and added plackets for buttons.  I shall call this my Miss Mary Mack Top (you know, because she has buttons all down her back).
Simple project, simple result, but I can imagine a lot of ways to wear these new additions to my wardrobe!

You know, memory is a kind of funny thing, but I often associate the making of my clothes by what I was doing at the time.  For instance, every time I put on this yellow top, I'll probably think of Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez in Shall We Dance, because it was on while I made it.  The ivory top will always remind me of the book One Day, because I was so into it, I kept on reading while I sewed on the buttons!  And yes, this does mean the majority of my clothes will forever remind me of Dawson's Creek.  Not a bad thing, if you ask me.


  1. They look lovely. I have the Sorbetto in line to make soon. Adding a collar is a wonderful touch.

    So, were you Team Dawson or Team Pacey? :)

  2. i like the peter pan addition. it's such a sweet touch.

  3. I too have many items of clothing with Dawson's Creek memories attached. Especially the season where Joey and Pacey get together. I'm such a Pacey girl...

  4. Pacey, ladies. Always, Pacey.