Me-Made-June: Days 7-11

Me-Made-June Day 7
The occasion:  work, resembling a bee
The occasion:  greatest waiter ever at Red Lobster in Times Square with this girl, Brian, and husband

 Me-Made-June Day 8

The outfit:  Slouchy Blouse + Pink Pencil Skirt

The occasion:  work, sweltering heat

 Me-Made-June Day 9

The outfit:  Infinity Scarf + Tiny Pocket T #1 + Repurposed Grey Pants

The occasion:  plane travel, shopping, mountain-spotting, best friend visit

Me-Made-June Day 10

The outfit:  Black Roses T + Paper Bag Waist Shorts

The occasion:  movie marathon, cruising the streets of the Mile-High City

Me-Made-June Day 11

The outfit:  Gingham Button-Up + Chambray Shorts

The occasion:  brunching, my first ever trip to REI, saying good-bye


  1. Really cut outfits--all of them. I love them all! Use the paper bag waist shorts pattern and make some bermudas, or capris. Bet it would be cute, too.