Heat Wave

Four short months ago, I was complaining about the cold, and now it's time to complain about the heat!  Thank goodness someecards makes the perfect card for every complaining occasion.

Check out tomorrow's forecast:

We could be settin' some heat records up in here!


  1. wow! that's terrible. do you guys have AC? it's not even very hot here (probably in the 80s), and I've been complaining for weeks.

  2. I am with you on that one- at least here we have a dry heat though. I hate humidity! Loving the new header!

  3. I'd still rather have the heat rather than the cold. So, bring it on. And oh yeah, I really like your new header, too. Plus, if that sweaty man in the picture is so hot, why doesn't he take off some of multi-layered clothing?! Some men are stupid.