The Rest of Memorial Day Weekend

No trip to back to the Midwest is complete without two things:  1) a trip to a chain restaurant (since they are sadly absent here in the city); and 2) a little time with family.  We accomplished both when we stopped at Red Lobster (CHEESY BISCUITS) and had a lovely lunch with my grandparents and my parents before hopping back on a plane.
My grandma is my most frequent blog reader.  Hi G-ma!!!
Doesn't my dad look great in Hawaiian print?

Your comments yesterday on my bridesmaid dress post were so overwhelming!  Wow!  Thank you so, so much for all the sweet compliments!  It was a big project and a huge responsibility, and what a lovely feeling to have people tell me it turned out great.  I appreciate it so much.  I'm probably going to get a really big head about my sewing abilities now, since I am the greatest seamstress in all the universe.  Just kidding!  Obviously!  Not even close!  But seriously, thank you for both reading and commenting!  Especially you, Jeremiah.



    I had the great joy of going to Red Lobster twice in a week and a half recently. It was fabulous!

  2. 1. you will go to red lobster in kansas, but not with me in the city?!?!
    2. scotty looks like a DIFFERENT PERSON.