Me-Made-June: Days 4-6

Me-Made-June Day 4

The occasion:  treat-of-the-week trip to Wendy's, sewing

Me-Made-June Day 5

The outfit:  I Dream of Spring Skirt + Ruffled Tunic

The occasion:  chores, church, cringing with embarrassment at Robert Pattison's inability to conduct himself like a normal human being in public at the MTV Movie Awards (yes, I am about 8 years too old to watch them)

Me-Made-June Day 6

The outfit:  Batwing Top + Grandma's Jumper Skirt

The occasion:  Work, cooking up some homemade fish tacos

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  1. All look cute and comfy. I especially love the gingham shirt for some reason. Maybe because it would be good in the 1970's, or the 80's, or the 90's, 00's, or now! Any time!