The Americana Dress

On first glance, nothing about this dress really shouts "I love the U.S.A!"  It just looks like a sweet and simple striped summer dress.  And it is.

But if you look a little closer, you'll see that I stitched the hem in red!  Now we've got red, white and blue...

Oh yeah, and the zipper is red too!

It gives this conservative little dress a little bit of an edge, no?  I love how this turned out, and just in time to celebrate our nation's birthday!

Fabric:  cotton, from Fabric.com
Pattern:  New Look 6805
Zipper:  from the stash my Great-Aunt Heidi sent me


  1. Oh I love it! Such a classic style. The red zipper is really fun.

  2. A Jillian Zipper! You're so ready for the 4th celebrations.

  3. I really really really love this dress.