Me-Made-June: Days 1-3

Did you forget I was supposed to be doing this?  Me too, kinda.  For Me-Made-March, I had the entire month of outfits planned out before it even started, and this time I'm flying by the seat of my pants a little bit more.  I hope to do lots of sewing this month though, and have lots of new clothes to document!

Me-Made-June Day 1

The outfit:  Black Roses T + Border Print Skirt

The occasion:  Work, unexpected 90 degree weather!

Me-Made-June Day 2

The outfit:  Red Zigzag Wrap Dress

The occasion:  Work, expecting it to be 90 degrees again and then it wasn't, crossing the line of office appropriate?

Me-Made-June Day 3

The outfitSunny Sundress + Chambray Blazer of Glory

The occasion:  Work, banging on the gong (it's Friday!) - why do short weeks always seem longer somehow?


  1. yay for unexpected 90 degree weather! It's summer in New York!

    YOU'RE SO TALENTED. I seriously wish that I could sew my clothes right now, you make things that fit well and are your own style!

    (is that a creeper thing to say?!)

    Seriously Val, holy amazing! I have shown everyone and their dog the bridesmaid photos. Those dresses were sensational! I hope you realize how incredibly talented you are :)

  3. i'm real excited to see what will start happening in these pictures after "day 10." (if you need help making signs, i was an AWESOME sign maker in asb in high school.. just saying.).

  4. I love all of them- the color of the dress in number three is so pretty!