Weekend: (Observing) The Ironman

On Saturday, an Ironman triathalon took place right near our apartment.  The Iron men and women swam 2.4 miles in the Hudson, biked 112 miles in New Jersey, and then ran across the bridge to Manhattan for 26.2 miles at the end.  140.6 miles total.  Uh, no thank you, but I'll be happy to cheer some people on as they run by!  (By the way, the guy who won did the entire thing in 8:11.  WHAT)
And nothing like an Olympics joke for motivation at your 132nd mile.
Bonus: a new view of the bridge, lit up at sunset (this doesn't happen very often!)


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  2. I watched one finish in the French Quarter in New Orleans, it was really fun cheering people on. It is amazing that someone can even do that!

    (Whoops, I was signed in as my bf)

  3. AH! BRIDGE IS SO PRETTY!! and I loved the Olympic joke :)