Bleeding on Probing Part Trois

Back for their third and, thus far, rowdiest show at the medical student housing lounge...Bleeding on Probing!  (Here's their first performance and their second...the evolution of my husband's costuming is particularly interesting.)  In true rock'n'roll fashion, security even tried to shut them down, but the massive crowd of hyped up, 20-something medical students who love nothing more than a break from endless studying just wasn't going to allow it.  Between the set list (Journey, Guns'N'Roses, Queen, Def Leppard) and the glowsticks, nobody was going to shut this party down.

We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions:

Here's Paradise City.  You must watch it because this is when the security guard literally walked through the stage area, told Steve to stop playing, and then attempted to unplug their power strip.  NOT HAPPENING.

But by the end, he came around - look at him clap somewhat enthusiastically!

And just in case that wasn't enough face melting, here's Anyway You Want It and Pour Some Sugar On Me.

Yep.  He's mine.


  1. no words to describe how weird he is. and i love it.

  2. Dear movie star in the tank top... You HAVE to know how hot you are.

    And Dr. in the scrubs with a gf.... If things don't work out, let me know.

    Great job Bleeding on Probing!

  3. That's my son-in-law in there. So proud.