Coming Up!

In 8 hours:  Dinner time - which excites me because I'm making homemade salsa!
(It's not even salsa, exactly - just chopped tomato and avocado with a dash of lime juice, salt, and pepper - and for some reason it is insanely delicious with rice and chicken)

In 3 days:  my dear friend Rachel will be running her first full marathon in Kansas City!  She hung with me through a half marathon 3 years ago, and I'm so proud of her dedication to running since then.  She's a running rock star, and I know she's going to dominate that 26.2.

In 15 days:  My parents come for a visit!  We love it when visitors come and we have the excuse to become tourists.  Plus, my mom and I can watch Dancing with the Stars together!!!

In 25 days:  The new season of the Bachelorette begins!  Can't wait to see all the sparkly things Emily wears!

In two months:  4th annual Girls' Trip with all these girls.  We've picked a Colorado outdoor adventure for this year!

In 9 months:  Downton Abbey Season 3  <----THIS CANNOT GET HERE SOON ENOUGH
In 1 year and 1 month:  We'll be bidding NYC good-bye.  Time is flying by.

In 1 year and 2 months:  My 10-year high school reunion?!?!!?!
Unfortunately, my hometown was struck with a tornado over the weekend, and it left a lot of destruction.  It was sad to see, but to my delight, when I messaged my best high school girlfriends to see how their families were doing (my parents don't live there anymore), it sparked a long exchange between the four of us!  I forget sometimes how well we know each other, even after all this time.  Next summer hopefully we'll be getting together, whether there is a official "reunion" or not!

In 1 year and 7 months:  Catching Fire will be in theaters!

In 40ish years:  retirement


  1. What a cute countdown! :) But sorry to hear about Woodward and glad that none of your loved ones were harmed!

    Leaving NYC? Where will you go?! Will you be sad?

    1. We will be a little sad! Scott will be finished with dental school next year, and he is in the Air Force, so we will go wherever they send us - who knows! :)

  2. I love your retirement pic. I look forward to it everytime! You should put "retirement! with heidi and marshall!"

  3. i refuse to acknowledge what *may* happen in 1 year and 1 month. thanks.

  4. Go, Rachel! : )
    And now, 12 days till your parents visit!!!
    I'd almost forgot about The Bachelorette starting up soon!
    So glad you get together with all your girlfriends!
    Downton Abbey--I've still only watched Season 1, Episode 1. I need to get busy.
    13 months till you're marreid to Dr. Bryant?! Good grief. And, the selfish me is hoping the Air Force will bring you closer to Kansas . . . .
    Every time I see the post of your retirement, I think it looks like Dad and I. Not really! I CAN picture me doing that . . . but not your dad!! hahahaha

  5. i love this post.

    because a. cannot wait for the bachelorette. b. cannot wait for downton abbey!