Weekend: Making Stuff

We spent much of the weekend in our "extra" room.  Without a lot of extra space (this is New York City after all), we often find ourselves overlapping.  My sewing patterns across his boards, sawdust sprinkling my cutting board, sewing tools intermingling with woodworking tools.  Someday, when we have a house, we imagine that I'll have a sewing room (which I will probably snobbily refer to as my studio), and the garage will be his domain.  Then his feet won't be pricked with stray sewing pins, and scraps of wood won't be discarded on my ironing board.  But for now, when all we have is this tiny apartment, it's nice to be creating things like this.  Over and across and between each other.


  1. All I see is the spot where my bags and air mattress used to lay!!!

    Take me back.
    (Yes, I'm snobbily making this post about me)

  2. I can definitely relate to having a tiny work space! We live in a small studio apartment, so I pretty much have to clean the house before bringing out my sewing machine. I told my bf that when we move, I want my own sewing area. He said he'll give me a "dove nook"! Lol! I told him I prefer an entire room as opposed to a little nook! Haha!