You Jump, I Jump, Right? Okay, Just Making Sure.

I have been waiting for 14 years to do what I did last night:  I saw Titanic on a big screen.

A rule in our house growing up was that my sister and I weren't allowed to see PG-13 movies until we were 13.  The only time I really felt that this rule should have been lifted was when Titanic came out in December 1997, when I was 12.  Everyone in the whole 7th grade saw it (or at least it felt like they did), and I was left having no idea why everyone kept shouting "I'm the King of the World!"  As you can probably recall from your own childhood, when you're 12 everything is A Big Deal, and I found this to be one of the greatest tragedies of my life thus far.  I needed to see this movie.

Hope springs eternal, and as the weeks crept on, Titanic stayed in our tiny 3-screen theater.  Week after week, it was still playing.  Past Christmas, through January, through February.  My 13th birthday was March 11th, and I was starting to believe it was going to last until then!  My life would be complete!  I would be able to join in Titanic-centric conversations!  I would find out why this Leonardo DiCaprio was on the cover of Tiger Beat all the time!  I would be able to blast "My Heart Will Go On" without the shame of not even knowing whose heart was going and where they were going to and why!

You can probably tell where this is going.  THE WEEK BEFORE MY 13th BIRTHDAY, Titanic ended its run at our theater.  My disappointment was intense, and I thought that My Life Was Over.  Sure, that Christmas, my sister got the movie on VHS (two tapes!  It's so long!), and I watched it to my heart's desire, and I was finally caught up on the phenomenon, but I knew deep down, it wasn't the same.

Sometimes miracles happen, and when I went to see Breaking Dawn (why why why), imagine my surprise when there was a preview for a RE-RELEASE of TITANIC into theaters IN 3D.  It was as if a dream was coming true that I didn't even know I had.  I would never have imagined that after 14 years, Titanic would come back to theaters.  BUT IT DID. 

And I saw it.  And it was...amazingly astounding and wonderful.  Just as I always suspected it would be.

Has ethereal Irish Celtic flute music ever been used to such great effect as in Titanic?  Answer:  no, and they never will be again.  You know you love this movie.

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  1. Haha! I love how much you wanted to see this movie when you were a kid!! :D I saw that it was re-released too - that's so awesome. I just recently watched it again too (at home, on my two VHS tapes, old-school style), and I cried all over again. It really is a pretty amazing movie. ;)