Stuff I Like: Hunger Games/Disney Songs/Pop Music ALL TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE

Some combination of the horrible quality of this video, its foreign subtitles, and the choppiness of these perfectly timed songs makes this mash-up extremely hilarious to me.  Woody Harrelson breaking into "Be a Man" from Mulan is pretty much perfection.  (Watch out for one bad word at 2:02!)

And then the girl went and made another one! It actually surpasses the first in its brilliance, because the one-liners are just so perfectly placed.  "Hey, I just met you..and this is crazy...but I changed your leaves twice." *first seen on busy bee lauren*

Bonus:  Will Ferrell as Katniss.


  1. You have NO IDEA how much I needed this, this morning! Thank you!

  2. even though I am currently g-chatting you about this I am still going to comment because it's just so funny. I had real laughter. Next time I watch the movie, I might just start singing Disney songs.