The time I got to have fun and Scott didn't.

Scott and I made it to early service on Easter morning (where I saw Elizabeth Hasselbeck!  It's probably messed up to do celebrity spotting on Easter Sunday, but I'm just saying.  She was there).  The rest of Easter afternoon (which was a gorgeous day!), I did this:
Glorious Lamb Cake, made with love by Mary and Laura
*All pictures stolen from Mandy's and Laura's facebooks :)

While he did this (and I visited later):
Sometimes it's a little sad when he's got work to do on holidays that I would love to spend together, but that's the life of a wife with a professional school husband.  On the other hand, I sort of like watching him make crowns for his fake patient :)


  1. personal question... does it kind of make you hot to watch him work?

    should i not be asking those personal questions on your blog?

  2. Looks like a lot of good food and good company. And good job on the crowns, Scott! That head with the open mouth kinda creeps me out, though. It will probably be in my dream tonight. great.

  3. you look classy as always Valerie!

    And I met Bryan here my sophomore year in college. The world is so small...