Countdown: Things are Getting Bittersweet

In negative 2 days (otherwise known as Monday): My new glasses arrived!
I have been putting off getting my new prescription for years, and finally went down to the Warby Parker HQ and picked me out a new pair.

In one week:  Scott's birthday!  And we'll be the same age once again...for 8 more months.
I hope he dresses like this for the occasion.

In 12 days:  The Bachelorette finale
I'm on Team Puppets, but I'll be happy (just not AS happy) if it goes the other way as well!

In 20 days: Home for a visit!  My sister and I are going on a roadtrip that will involve 18 hours in the car together and a visit to all our grandparents and our parents.  She is this excited.
This will forever be my favorite Kelsey picture.
In 27 days:  It will be 3 years since this day.
 It has flown by in the absolute greatest way.

In 4 months and 5 days:  Breaking Dawn Part 2
I can't add an exclamation point behind that in good conscience, because while I used to looooove Twilight, now I mostly just can't wait for this movie to come out so I can go see it at midnight, and then wash my hands of the whole thing.
I find this so disturbing.
In 5 and a half months:  Christmas!
I already started looking up plane tickets :)

In 10 and a half months:  Scott Bryant, DDS
 I can't believe this is now less than a year away.  It's simultaneously so sweet and so bitter.

In one year:  We'll be moved away from this incredible place that has treated us so well...
and settled somewhere brand new!  
The scary part:  we have no idea (yet) where that somewhere new will be.

In 38ish years:  retirement


  1. 1. the new specs look fabulous.
    2. happy early birthday to scott!
    3. seeing jacob imprint on whatever-her-name-is creeps me out even more than i could've imagined.
    4. retirement looks oh so good.

  2. lol im equally disturbed by the twilight still!!
    also, OK you've motivated me to make an appointment with my eye doctor! it was on my to-do list today and im jelly of your new glasses!! i need to get a new pair before i go to ireland in august bc my glasses now just sort of blow chunks! hah!
    also, i love the "in 38 years" .. but isn't that a little far away!! luckily teachers can retire at 55 after 25 years in the system so you knowww thats gonna be me!!

  3. This countdown was great! I countdown to things all the time...and I love that you even included retirement!
    And I know I'm going to have to see Breaking Dawn when it comes out, strangely, because of my husband. I hadn't seen it at all till we got married, but then he made me watch the first two movies to catch me up on what was happening before number 3 came out, and he had me see that one too. He's much more of a fan than I am! Though I think he said that even he is over it now but still has to see how everything turns out.