Stage Debut

My super talented friend Mandy (seriously, she writes the most clever lyrics and has a killer voice) has been bringing friends on stage with her for little duets lately.  Last week, at her show at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, it was my turn!
I want to tell you we tore the house down.  It's about half true:  Mandy was incredible and so cute (as usual), and I was a somewhat timid back-up addition (I'm so not a singer!), but even so, I had an absolute blast.
We picked a song from a totally underrated Disney movie, Hercules(Seriously, the music in that movie is so good, yet not nearly as well-known.  And what about a Hercules ride at Disney World, please?)  I loved how this song sounded as a little acoustic ditty and, thankfully, the crowd (which was much bigger than I imagined it was going to be!) was fun and supportive.

And to jog your memory, here's the Disney one:

Singing on a New York City stage?  Check that one off the bucket list (well, first, I have to add it on there, and then it can be checked off!).  Huge thanks and hugs to Mandy for being so happy and willing to share her stage with little old me!

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