Bonnaroo'd Out

My music-loving husband and his buddies, in all their hippie glory
Scott finally returned to me late last night after surviving his 6th (!) time at Bonnaroo[sidenote:  I've never been, and still can't be convinced I actually want to go.  Music?  Yes.  But sleeping on the ground, being that dirty, no shower, 95 degrees, huge crowds, and standing up for long periods of time?  Not so much for me.]  

He was sunburned, covered in glitter, battle scarred from mosh pits, carrying a suitcase full of damp clothing, and smelled a little off, but I tackled him at the door anyway.  Besides his wonderful self I'm so glad to have back, he also came bearing one incredible souvenir:
The set list from the stage during the Beach Boys' show!

Amazing, right?!

Another amazing thing:  Scott also got the set list from the Beastie Boys' stage at Bonnaroo in 2009.  Come to find out, when Adam Yauch passed away earlier this year, that was the last live show the Beastie Boys ever gave with all three members.  Collecting little pieces of history here!

So glad to have you home, my love!

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  1. that looks miserable. I mean, fun for them. but not for me, or you. i'd rather go shopping and lay by the pool and listen to the radio.