Newly Sewn in May

I managed to make three new garments during the insanity of Me-Made-May, and am finally getting around to properly documenting them!

First is the Seersucker Hazel Dress, worn on Day 25.
This is Colette Patterns' Hazel Dress - amazingly, my first pattern from Colette ever!  It's just some simple black and white seersucker fabric from Fabric.com, but the seams on the bodice are obviously what make it special and bring even regular old seersucker to a whole new level!  I've worn this one twice already, and kind of adore it.

Next is the Big Stripe Silk Top, worn on Day 21.
This top is basically just two rectangles sewn together with some holes for the neck and arms.  Simple enough!  Of course the main focus of this one is meant to be this super special fabric, a semi-sheer silk with this awesome huge navy stripe!  As soon as I saw it, I pictured a loose-fitting blouse like this.  It almost came out the way I planned, though I find the shoulders slightly too wing-y, and the first time I wore it, I got grease stains on it.  Hopefully they're not the noticeable because I'm going to keep wearing it anyway!

Lastly, my Pleated Front Dress, worn on Day 17.
This is the second pattern for me to sew of the five I bought from Salme on Etsy (the first one was my Pink Pleated Top).  I used a pretty, lightweight blue linen, perfect for summer.  When I got finished, I thought it was too short, so I added an ivory band to the bottom to give me a little extra length.  I wish I had cut this dress one size larger, just for some more breathing room, but I'm still quite happy with it!


  1. Love all three of these! Can't believe how much you were able to get done during MMM!

  2. I'm in love with the seersucker hazel dress! The design, color, and exposed Jillian-style zipper, it's all perfect.

    Looks like you're feeling the color blue this month :)

  3. Love!! as far as the grease stain goes, spot wash with a little dawn dish soap. I do this after nearly every time I go to the movie and drop popcorn all over myself, works like a charm!

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  5. All are so darling!! Between seersucker and color blocking, I'm in love with this post.