Me-Made-May: Days 15-17

 Day 15

The outfit:  Polka Dot Top + Beetlejuice Skirt

The occasion:  work, wishing I could also add some plaid to this ensemble

Day 16

The outfit:  Bigger Top + Pink Pencil Skirt

The occasion:  work, no bangs, cutting out 30 minutes early!

Day 17

The outfit:  Linen Dress (new - will blog about it later!) + Chambray Blazer of Glory

The occasion:  work, dressing in spirit for Rachel's denim-on-denim birthday party (in Denver - sad face!), lots of wrinkling


  1. LOVE your day 15 outfit. Really REALLY want this for myself!!!
    And your new dress looks lovely, can't wait for it's own blog post so we can get a better look at it!

  2. Love these outfits, but your blazer is KILLER! I love it!