Touristing: Brooklyn Museum & Brooklyn Botanical Garden

We don't go out to Brooklyn much, mostly because it's really, really far away from us.  My parents' visit last week was the perfect excuse though!  After an hour on the train, we emerged from the Eastern Parkway stop to the glorious sight of the Brooklyn Museum:
(Also glorious:  ice cream trucks.  To our detriment, we didn't partake!)

The Brooklyn Museum is a huge art museum, displaying works spanning from Ancient Egypt to modern art.  It's a pretty spectacular place!

Here's an interesting one:  a rooftop dropped into the fifth floor rotunda (called The Eastern Oracle: We Will Tear the Roof Off the Mother) that you can climb in and around and on!  We opted for on, of course.  My dad and Scott climbed on it first.  This is when my dad was getting trouble for climbing on the roof holding something in his hand.  Safety hazard!
Then my mom and I climbed up and perched for a while as well.
My favorite part about this museum was just the variety.  Every floor offered something completely different than the previous one.  We had a great time exploring.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is right next door to the Museum, so we popped over there for a stroll as well.  First of all:  it is gigantic.  We walked and walked and walked and never ran out of flowers.  Second of all:  simply beautiful.  I'll let these flowers speak for themselves (and there are also trees and herbs and ponds and shrubs and tons more too!).

And on our way back to Manhattan, we took the walk over Brooklyn Bridge too!  Don't fret though, Brooklyn - we shall return.

When you come visit the city, make sure you take a day for Brooklyn - it has much, much more to offer than even these treasures!

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  1. Great pictures! The Botanical Gardens are so lovely (and so are the Bronx gardens).