Weekend: My Parents Came to Town!

My parents came up for a visit over the weekend and, as is our family way, we packed our days full of tourist activities.

We visited Freedom Tower, whose top floors weren't even visible through the clouds.  (P.S. Though still under construction, it is now the tallest building in New York).
We explored the bookshelves at The Strand, where I wanted to buy every single book in sight.
We had a cookout down by the river, one of my favorite places.
We took a ferry out to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island...but more on that later.
We took a ride on The Ride, where we all enthusiastically sang "New York, New York," though Mom was perhaps the most enthusiastic of all.
We walked for miles, but didn't mind, because the views were so beautiful.

We also watched no less than 5 episodes of Downton Abbey, ate ice cream every night, and somehow damaged almost every fixture in our bathroom.  All in all, a pretty darn great visit.  Thanks, Mom and Dad, for coming out to see us!

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