Trumpeting at Lincoln Center

Tuesday night, I got to witness something truly awesome: My cousin Becki got to perform in Lincoln Center.  That's a big ol' checkmark off any musician's bucket list!
Becki is an amazing trumpet player (she won Miss Kansas a few years ago, and graced the Miss America stage with her trumpet talents!).  She now attends Crane School of Music in upstate New York and is earning her master's degree.  Like I said, amazing.  Tuesday night's performance was Verdi's Requiem, and she was a featured player in the second movement.  In the program, I learned that her part was supposed to be "summoning the dead to awaken."  <---creepy and awesome.

I loved seeing her perform, and getting to chat with her and her husband Sam afterward, even if it was just for a little while!

I always love to visit Lincoln Center.  It always elicits a feeling of awe, especially when it is so beautifully lit up at night.

The video below is not of last night's performance, but it is the same part of Requiem that Becki got to play.  I'm not super into classical music myself, but this part of the piece was so powerful and frankly a little bit frightening.  Give it a listen, and those trumpets you hear at 2:32?  Pretend that's my cuz!

P.S. Not only is she a former Miss Kansas, she also just recorded a CD of trumpet performance pieces - I'll say it again, amazing!


  1. You AND your family are rockstars. Must be in the genes.

  2. I sang in the chorus for the Verdi Requiem several years ago. It's an amazing piece of music, and just as intense for the performers as I'm sure it is for the audience - how wonderful that your cousin got to play Lincoln center!

    1. How exciting - I can only imagine what it would be like to sing in a huge chorus like that. I wasn't familiar with this piece of music, but I was blown away by it.