Thunder Up!

I'm not going to claim I know anything about professional sports, but I do have mad love for anything Oklahoma related, so in the midst of the NBA playoffs, I just have to post this in honor of the Thunder!

I watched this parody video last Thursday when my old friend from high school Chris Castor posted it on Facebook.  At the time, I was the 342nd view.  Now, 4 days later, it has 98,000 views.  Unbelievable!

Go Thunder, and high five for my hometowners (Chris' brother wrote the song and his sister is the other singer) for being on the way to becoming YouTube sensations!


  1. unfortunately as a Seattliete I can't support this... just because the Thunder used to be the Seattle Sonics!


  2. Eek, ironic that I'm posting this directly after a Seattliete! I'm an Oklahoma Citian, and we're enjoying this ride (and the amazing videos that come with it)!