Our New York: In the Heights

Yesterday while I was taking a walk, I passed a hair salon with a whole group of kids sitting outside talking, a car & limo service across the street, and a bodega that was closing for the night.  I realized all of a sudden that it was like I was walking through the set of In the Heights - which makes perfect sense since that Broadway musical is based entirely on our neighborhood, Washington Heights.  It won 4 Tony Awards in 2008 - pretty impressive!

Although its Broadway run ended last year, we went to see In the Heights with friends back in 2009, and I'm so glad we did.  Our neighborhood has a unique flavor that's enthusiastically captured in this musical, written by a lifelong Washington Heightsian himself.  Check out the set in the video below:  it looks exactly like the streets I walk along every day, and look closely in the background for the GW Bridge that I talk about all the time...

I love this first line:  "Lights up on Washington Heights up!

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  1. I'm so glad we saw it too, it's one of my favorites!