Stuff I Like: The Coolest Person to Ever Appear on the Bachelorette

As every episode goes by, this guy gets more awesome, and I almost can't believe that someone as cool as him is on the Bachelorette, the show we all love to hate and hate to love.  Please watch One-F Jef toss his skateboard aside like a renegade as many times as you would like below.  Emily, no one else on your show would reenact their entire relationship with you with puppets as hilariously as this guy did.  Your choice is obvious.  Choose Jef.

Bonus thing I like:  when people are so obsessed with things they make a Tumblr about it.  Thanks to The Bachelorette Gifs for this treasure.


  1. i love that we literally talked about Jef all day on gchat and then you blog posted him.

    I wish you had instagram so you could instantly see his cool pics. i'll save and email them you... that isn't obsessive righT?

  2. i LOVE him. (but i think she's going to pick arie... dont you!?)