Weekend: Marathon

This weekend was the world-famous ING Marathon in NYC!  Almost 50,000 people from all over the world came to run this year.  I had watched the marathon a few years ago when my friends came to visit, but Scott had never been.  So we took the train downtown a few stops, then walked across Harlem to the East side to find a good place to watch.
A marathon is just like a parade, except that everyone in the parade is a runner.  People line the streets and sidewalks, and you cheer for everyone as they run by.  Some people get really into the cheering part, like this guy in the full-on bodysuit above (and his buddy holding a sign in a language unknown to both me and Google translate...but apparently contains a bad word?).
A marathon is such a great reminder of the strength and drive that humans possess, and the inspiration that lies within us all.  The man above was completely rocking that race.  He was fast, and he was amazing.

Women's race leader at mile 20, Mary Keitany.  When we saw her, she was probably 2 minutes ahead of the next two women.  I didn't think there was any way they could catch her, but she actually ended up finishing in third, 4 seconds behind the other two women.  Would have loved to be at the finish line for that one!

Men's leader at mile 20, Geoffrey Mutai (he went on to win, and broke the course record - by several minutes!)

Sometimes the runners like to dress up too...
Can you spot the guy dressed like a stereotypical French man?

And the guy dressed as a monkey?

Next time there is a marathon in your area, go out and cheer, even if you don't know anyone running!  I've been on both sides (I ran a half marathon three years ago), and it is so motivating to hear people cheering for you as you fly by (or jog by very slowly....).  Marathon cheering is such a fun way to spend your morning.  And just about the most inspirational thing you can witness, on top of that.
Congrats to everyone who ran the ING Marathon this weekend!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the marathon! I run the Broad Street Run in Philly and I love that everyone from the neighborhoods along the route come out to cheer. It makes the 10 miles go by so much faster!

  2. Holy chills....
    What I would've given to be picked from the lotto! Maybe next year. So awesome of you and Scott to go support!

  3. you did great capture the motion of the marathon! looks like you had fun :)