Turkey-Eating Skirt

So I decided to totally waste one of my precious Merchandise of the Month items by cutting up my maxi dress from June.

Here I am wearing it at what I pretended was a screen for the Harry Potter premiere.  It wasn't.  It was really just part of an art installation.  Oh well.

Here it is right before it got hacked.

I found that I didn't really care for the upper portion of the dress, so I sliced it right off and made it a maxi skirt instead.  Guess how?  Oh yeah.  By adding an elastic waistband.  Would it even be possible for me to make it more obvious that this is my favorite thing in the whole world?
Since Thanksgiving is the most important day of the year to wear an elastic waistband, I made this just in the nick of time.  Gotta leave plenty of room for seconds and thirds and dessert, too!

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