Coffee? Tea? A Pillow For You, Sir?

Although I didn't dress up for Halloween this year, that doesn't mean I didn't make a costume!

One of the most visually appealing shows on TV right now is Pan Am. Tell me you watch it.  It's cheesy!  It's fun!  It's about the 60's!  People wear hats and gloves!
(And if you do watch it, can anyone fully explain to me the whole spying situation?  I try to pay attention and figure it out every week, but I'm still confused.  Also, I wish they would give French girl and Christina Ricci more prominent storylines!  They are totally the cutest!)

My friend Mary wanted to be a Pan Am stewardess for Halloween, but was having trouble coming up with costumes that weren't a little too much on the--shall we say--"sexy" stewardess side.  She wanted something more authentic.  And that's when she came to me!  Obviously, I was more than happy to oblige her.  Using this jacket pattern from Burdastyle, a simple elastic waist skirt, and a self-drafted hat pattern (it's really just an oval for the top, a rectangle for the sides, and some white piping), my version of the Pan Am stewardess was born!

We did make it a little bit sexier, with a lower neckline and a higher hem (it is Halloween after all) and I added a second collar in white to imitate a collared shirt underneath.

And here she is, completely rocking it, red lipstick, white gloves, Pan Am bag, and all!

And had so much fun making this for you, Mary!


  1. add this to the growing costume design repertoire - along with the wild thing costume from last year - it looks incredible! mary is totally working the character too, she looks great.

    (yeah, what IS up with the spying thing? so confused.)

  2. Thank you x 1000 for making this incredible costume for me, Valerie! You would not BELIEVE all of the compliments I received- I should have carried around your business card! You are the absolute best ever! :)

  3. can i go ahead and pencil you in to make all of my children's halloween costumes? great. this means we need to live by each other. great. okay!

  4. I LOVE Pan Am! Watch it every week! I must say, the dresses they wear when not in uniform are awesome! As far as the spy thing goes, the only intro was during the first episode when Bridget is forced to give up her spot as a spy and quit Pan Am. If you missed the very first episode I think you can still watch it online at abc.com.

  5. This is so cute I can't stop screaming.

  6. amazing job!! :-) your so talented, dear!

  7. Wow! You did such a great job! so crazy that you made that! She looked great! :) -Lo