Happy Halloween...

from Andy Gourd-hol!
(Get it?  It's okay if you don't.  No one else did, ha!  It's a pop art jack'o'lantern, so we named him after Andy Warhol, but made it Andy Gourd-hol instead, because he's a pumpkin, which is a gourd!  Maybe a pumpkin shouldn't need that much explanation...ha!)

Tonight, we're celebrating spookiness by watching The Blair Witch Project!  But last week, we went to Mary's Pumpkin Carving Palooza and made this work of art.  Here's everyone else's masterpieces!

Proud pumpkin parents :)

Happy Halloween!


  1. Andy Gourd-hol! I love it! You guys are adorable.

  2. I totally get it!! And totally love it! I have his Marilyn masterpiece in my room (shocker).