Merchandise of the Month - September, October, & November

The end of 2011 is drawing near, and I have to say I'm somewhat happy about it, just because it will also mean the end of my resolution to only buy one item of clothing from a store per month!  I wish I hadn't included shoes in that when I first began, because I'm pretty sure 7 of the months have gone to shoes.  (Holy cow, that means I've only bought 4 pieces of clothing all year long.  Is that even possible?!).  Well, the past three months were no exception.  Here are the three pairs I welcomed into my shoe family for my Merchandise of the Month in September, October, and November:
Leopard flats - Target
Grey suede wedges - Target 
(they're out of stock online, but you can check to see if they have them in a store near you)

Only one month of this challenge to go!  I think for December I might treat myself to a sweater :) 

What I bought in:  January, February, March, April, May/June/July, August


  1. shoe buddies! i own 2 of the 3

  2. I love this challenge! Good on you for sticking to it :)

  3. i love that i was with you when you discovered 2 of these. and 1 of these we are matching. love us.

  4. I need those ankle boots in my life!

  5. This sounds like an extremely hard challenge, I would be happy for the end of the year as well :) Cute buys though.

    xo erica