This Closet is Approved by Roy G. Biv

As I was switching my closet back to include all my clothes instead of just the me-made ones at the end of Self-Stitched September, I made quite the discovery.  Completely unintentionally, look what I have made:


Reds:  Tulip Skirt, Giving Up Your Heart Skirt
Orange:  Ruffle Skirt
Yellow:  Scalloped Hem Skirt
Green:  Avocado Skirt
Blues:  Grandma Skirt, Godet Skirt
Purples:  Pink Pencil Skirt (looks a little more lavender though, doesn't it?), Purple People Eater Skirt

I almost couldn't believe my eyes!  Every color of the rainbow, and not only did I not do it on purpose, I didn't even notice it until now!

Could be safe to say I have a skirt that goes with everything now.


  1. roy g. biv really helped me out in school. i'm so glad you made him proud!

  2. this is so cute! i noticed my closet consisted mainly of black, white, and pink...roy g biv would be so disappointed

  3. haha that's great! i need more skirts in my life.. i think i have just basic black and grey.. maybe 1 floral one. i looove the yellow, soo pretty.