Dottie Adele: Celebrating Two Months

Dottie Adele has now been officially open for two months!  In month two of business, I added four brand new designs to the shop and made a few custom orders (I'll be happy to do one for you too - e-mail me!).  I can't wait to continue to create and list even more new pieces within the next month.

Speaking of the new designs, here is my dear friend Sam (from Love Never Fails) rocking the Dolman Sleeve Dress she snatched up earlier this month.  She looks absolutely amazing!  Doesn't the hunter green color totally suit her?  She also informed me this is going to be her birthday dress this year - a huge honor since I made her birthday dress last year too!  Maybe we'll make it a tradition :)
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Thank you again for letting me share this with you.  I'm loving sewing up things to send all around the country, and look forward to expanding further!  Please feel free to take a look at the Look Book for several pictures of all the garments, or visit the shop, even just to browse!


  1. you're too kind my talented friend! :) tis' all the dress that is amazing! {and it's maker}
    hope you had fun in philly! thank you for making yet another thing i feel beautiful in!

  2. Thats awesome!
    I'll be checking out the shop after my next paycheck!!