Self-Stitched September: The Wrap-Up

The end of another challenge to wear what we've made, as proposed by Zoe!

I feel like this month was really a full circle kind of a month for me, for many reasons:

1.  I started this blog last September to document this very thing:  an entire month of wearing the things that I have made.  That first time around, I only wore one thing a day that I had made; this month, I exclusively wore me-made garments.  The fact that I've managed to make that many clothes in the span of a year is almost amazing to me!
2.  Several garments from that first SSS are still around, which must mean I'm doing a fairly good job of making closet staples that last for years - a big time goal for me!
3.  A large number of garments in the collage above are of my own design, and some are available to purchase in my very own Etsy shop.  A year ago, I would not have thought it was possible to hone my skills enough to get to this place, but I worked really hard, and I did it!
4.  I remember feeling almost stressed out during my first SSS, like I didn't know if I would really be able to complete the whole challenge.  This month was basically the polar opposite of that feeling:  I stood in front of my me-made closet and felt confident and not worried in the least that I could get dressed everyday this month according to the challenge.  In a non-toot-my-own-horn kind of way, that makes me proud of myself.

One thing has not come full circle:

It is still really, really awkward to take pictures of yourself every single dang day.

Thanks for following along for another month of this madness!  Back to just regular old posting, and a lot less solo style picture taking!


  1. I for one am extremely impressed! Your outfits are ADORABLE!

  2. Wow, I am so impressed.
    SO impressed.
    Congrats and you look awesome!

  3. Congratulations on finishing the SSS! You should definitely be proud of yourself, I wish I was able to make my own, stylish clothing. Great job :)

  4. Wow you are so amazing! Congrats! you won my giveaway too! I'm going to email you now! :) -Lo

  5. I agree with you on the picture taking! So glad that's over! Also, looking at the collage I pretty much want every single thing you've made. Just sayin...

  6. hooray, my favorite part! i love photo collages, especially when are filled with so many hand-made goodies. congratulations on another amazing self-stitched september!