Weekend: Museum, Sonic, Six Flags, Ghouls

This weekend, we went to visit the Walkers in Philly.  We love to go visit them.  They love and miss Oklahoma as much as we do, and we always have a good time and laugh a lot.  Also, they happily submit to our demands to take us to Sonic and Target.
These are the Walkers.
But first up...Heidi and her mom had spotted this museum on a walk a few weeks ago and thought it would be perfect for me!  And judging by the name, I thought so too!
But turned out, that name is very misleading, and there was not fabric being made or displayed here.  Just a lot of modern art.  Scott and I just can't seem to get away from Laurie Anderson.

Oh, the streets of Philadelphia...

We went to Target and ran through the aisles with joy.  Okay, we restrained ourselves more than that, but only slightly.  I made a pile of shoes on the ground that I wanted to buy, but only walked away with one pair.  They are some leopard flats that Heidi already has, of course.  We love to have matching clothes.

Next we went to Sonic, which I love more than I can accurately convey in words.  Heidi sang in the front seat while Marshall placed our orders.

Sunday was the biggest day of the weekend:  our trip to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey!
Parking lot excitement!

This was the first trip of our much-discussed Walker-Bryant Amusement Park Tour of America.  We want to become professional roller coaster enthusiasts.
Scott is the only person in this picture with his hands up, in the 4th row.  Way to go, honey!

Heidi and Marshall recovering from their first ever stand-up coaster.
Unfortunately, my back is still recovering from a couple of slipped discs, so no roller coasters for me!  But I did get to ride two rides.  The first was this parachute ride, where you sat on a little bench attached to a parachute and you went up in the air about 20 stories, and then straight back down.  That was the whole ride.  It moved about as fast as a regular elevator.  Pretty thrilling.
Here we are at the top.

Scott and Marsh, ready for Superman.
Here is my second ride of the day:  the classic log ride.  It was very, very tame, and everyone got wet.  But good news!  Even though it's the middle of October in a northern state, it was still 85 degrees out!  We dried pretty quickly.

Every ride had signs telling you how long your wait would be.  Scott used his stopwatch to time how long it actually took for every ride.  It was consistently about half the time advertised.  Be warned, people!  They are just trying to trick you into buying a Flash Pass!
Heidi and Marshall got photobombed while we wait for Bizarro.
Look at those fireballs!  I really wish I had gotten to ride this one, and felt the flames.
There's Heidi and Marshall getting strapped in, while I wait on the exit side like someone who is afraid of roller coasters.  Please note:  I was not afraid.  Just avoiding back injury at all cost.  Better safe than permanently damaged, we all agreed.

Marshall turned into the Joker while we were waiting for the Dark Knight Coaster.
Children are advised to leave the park by 6:00 PM.  Because that's when the parade of ghouls begins!  Spooky, huh?  They limp around the park all night and scare people.
Fanny packs, a park map, and orthopedic sandals:  this is how we do theme parks.
Chowing on some Dippin' Dots:  one happy man.
That kid doesn't know that ghoul is about to scare the crap out of him.
Then we Bolt Bus'd it home and slept the whole way.  Amusement park days are just so tiring!

Heidi and Marshall:  Thanks again for blowing up the air mattress for us and being great hosts!  Until next time :)

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