A Day Off

Yesterday was a University holiday - no work!  I had a long to-do list and grand plans of accomplishing things and cleaning up and getting ahead on my sewing and maybe even taking a trip to Brooklyn.

Instead, I stayed in my pajamas, never went outside (though it was a gorgeous 65 degrees - so we opened all the windows instead), listened to a lot of banjo-playing, and made this blueberry breakfast cake.

Sometimes you have to allow yourself to take a break from yourself.  Much needed!


  1. university holiday?! you lucky duck.

  2. Yummy!! and a break is always nice when you're just doing nothing :)

  3. Love days off! looks yumm!

  4. we all need days like that, and sounds like yours was just lovely! p.s. LOVING the shop, girl. seriously. your talent is breathtaking.