Dottie Adele: New Colors

Recently I've had some orders for items in the shop in some fun new colors that I wanted to share!  It seems like everyone was bitten by the Valentine's bug, with all these shades of red!

First up, the Heart-Shaped Waistband Skirt:
Don't forget - this one is available in any color you can possibly imagine (seriously - try me!).

Secondly, the Dolman Sleeve Dress.  Sadly, the deep green color that this dress originally came in is no longer available.  But there are lots of other colors in the same type of fabric to choose from - like dark brown, black, white, pink, navy, and the two colors below, wine and scarlet!


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    1. Thank you, Kara! You are too sweet :)

  2. those are so pretty! I need to get me one someday! :) -Lo

    1. Lo, pick out any color and I'll be glad to whip it up for you :)