The Show Must Go On

So after I returned from my cruise a few months ago, I promised I wouldn't talk about the Boys from the Back Streets for at least another year.  But this is only about one of those Boys, so it doesn't really count, right?!

Mr. Nick Carter played here in NYC at Irving Plaza last night.  I previously assumed that after the show I was going to be able to post some pictures of Nick doing his usual on-stage antics, pouring bottles of water over his head, flopping that hair around, etc.  All those things happened, but you may have seen that his little sister passed away earlier this week.  Very sad stuff.  But Nick said the show was still on, and that he wanted to dedicated the rest of the tour to his sister, and so on it went:

with patriotic jackets,
a sea of fan-made paper hearts,
band members wearing what look suspiciously like Forever Lazies,
general pandemonium,

and a really beautiful, touching, and intimate tribute to his sister.
Not a dry eye in the place.

1 comment:

  1. i still want that jacket. also: i would request that the paper hearters be limited to one previously-agreed upon song to display their papyral (yup, new word)love. After that, i'm tasering.