Every Tuesday at 5:30

Once a week, I get to "see" these two women (and that adorable baby - I've watched her grow up on a computer screen).  We all met when we were young 20-something-year-old teachers at a middle school, where the students constantly confused us for one another (I guess because we all have various stages of curly hair?  Kids are weird).  Seeking support from other like-minded, like-believing women, we started to meet weekly outside of the school walls (at Panera!) to lift each other up in Bible study.  Even though I moved away from Oklahoma two and a half years ago, we've carried on our tradition every Tuesday evening since on Skype (and now on Skype on Facebook - did anyone else not even realize this existed?!).

As our call ended last night, I was struck by how thankful and grateful I am for these two.  I almost can't believe I've already known them for five years, that we've watched each other get married and become mothers and make big decisions, and that half of those things we've done together over the internet.  Distance and time zones and life changes have somehow only added to our friendship, and I feel like I would be lost without their advice and wisdom and laughter we share.

Also, getting to virtually pinch that little girl's chubby cheeks every week is pretty great too!


  1. what a beautiful testament to the power of strong, faithful friends. such a beautiful tradition:)

  2. it's so important to be around believing women who lift you up. Such a blessing!