Book I Read in January

Book Club/YA pick
Matched by Ally Condie
I only managed to finish one book this month, but with it I discovered a new guilty pleasure!  I think I enjoyed this book way more than I really should have.  Following the dystopian theme that's all the rage now among YA lit, Matched is the story of Cassia as she comes of age in a future society where everything is decided for you based on analysis of your personality, or predictions of your future behavior, or even the sins of your family members.  We first meet her at her Matching banquet, when she finds out who the Society has decided she will marry.  But soon enough, Cassia begins to notice the cracks and fissures in this supposedly perfect society, which makes her question everything she's always known.  Let the rebelling commence!  My favorite thing about this society:  Poetry is used a black market currency!  Awesome!  Sure, it's the same basic concept as Hunger Games or Uglies, right on down to the love triangle, but it's a good read, well-written, and has some smoking hot tension between a couple of the characters.  Matched is part one of a trilogy (Book 2, Crossed, is out now; Book 3 comes out later this year), so lucky for me, it's also the guilty pleasure that keeps on giving!

P.S.  Books I read:  Over the Holidays, October, August, July, June, May, April, last winter

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