Tiny Dress = Me-Sized Skirt

A few weeks ago, I made one last visit to Heidi in Philly before she and Mr. Heidi moved to AZ. While there, she gifted me some throw-out clothes from her closet.  I already remade one of the blouses I got from her a few weeks ago (I had to make it bigger!), and this week I got to work on one of the dresses she passed along too.  She had my name on this dress for a while, and had sent me a picture of the fabric (which once made me question my fear of prints, but not my preference of Noel). 

I love this dress just the way it is, but sadly it's slightly too tight and a lot too short, so it had to be transformed!
There wasn't too much I could do except make a skirt, so I picked out some wide black elastic, cut the dress off at the waist, and attached the bottom portion to my new elastic waistband. Turned out just the way I planned:
I thought it needed just a little something more though.  I went back to the remains of the bodice and those tabs on the sleeves really caught my eye.  Then I realized that those little cap sleeves could be the perfect size and shape for pockets...so off they came!
I pinned them to the front of the skirt, topstitched them right on, and I loooooved the final result:
Thanks again, Heidi, for your hand-me-downs! I'm on such a refashioning kick lately, and also a prints kick! My closet is transforming!


  1. ooooh it's so cute!!! you are so good at this! i misssss you and the east coast!!

  2. Such a cute refashion! I should definitely try this sometime! I always find cute prints at the thrift store, but most of the time the thing doesn't fit me! I'm glad you got over your fear of prints... they're pretty much awesome in my book! I'm still not sure about mixing prints though. I'll have to work on that one!

  3. So very cute! The pockets turned out so well!