Navy & Cognac

When we were home over Thanksgiving, Scott did a little cleaning out of his old room. One of the things he found there was this navy sweater. While this one was sitting in his childhood closet, he had bought an identical one, which is now in his closet in New York!
So I did the obvious thing to do:  I took the surplus sweater for myself.

It had quite a few holes in it, but I figured I could sew them up in no time.  It was also a little baggy, and the neckline was way too high, for a sweater for a girl anyway.  So I stitched up those holes, took in the sides and sleeves a few inches, chopped off the neckline, and sewed a cognac-colored satin ribbon around the neckline.  Voila!
Then I decided to only wear other shades of navy and cognac throughout my entire outfit.  I thought it was a little overkill, but three different people told me they liked my outfit at the office!  So, maybe it wasn't overkill?  Or maybe the people at my office just like overkill.  Am I overkilling the word overkill?
Don't know yet how the ends of the ribbon are going to hold up in the wash, but I hope it survives!  I would like to wear this one again and again and again.  I mostly just used this ribbon because it was the only one I had lying around, but I think I stumbled upon a pretty winning color combo!
Thank you, Scott, for letting me steal all your sweaters.  :)


  1. I think you did such a great job! You are so green! If you would ever like to share something like this on my blog as part of my green project I would absolutely love that! Your outfit is absolutely no overkill, I really like it! :) -Lo

  2. i think it looks fantastic! and the colors are great too!

  3. You can seal the ends of the ribbon by running them through a flame (candle or match) - it'll melt the wax enough to form a seal. Just don't hold it there too long or it'll burn the ribbon. Then it won't unravel in the wash.

  4. You did great!!!!! It looks awesome!