Age Old Questions

Heidi is sending me these two dresses she no longer wears to convert into skirts for her (which will probably involve elastic waistbands!!!  My favorite!!!).  Not only am I happy to do a little garment repurposing for her, I can't stop looking at this picture because the prints are just so rad!  Besides the basic stripes and polka dots, I don't branch out too much into the world of prints.  But these are convincing me that maybe I should...

Are you a solids or a prints kind of girl?
Vanilla or chocolate?
Print or cursive?
Noel or Ben?

My answers to the above are: solids, vanilla, print, Noel.  I'm sensing a pattern...


  1. Thank you for saying Noel. I've never understood the Ben thing...

  2. Those fabrics look amazing! I'm definitely a prints kind of girl, but sometimes I have trouble mixing prints together.

    As for the others: vanilla, cursive, Ben. When I saw that last question I knew exactly what you were talking about! Felicity right?! I used to dream of being her! Lol!

  3. Love the felicity reference....