Dottie Adele: Celebrating Four Months

What a hectic last month it's been!  Between a trip back to Oklahoma and that cruise I just can't stop talking about, I've hardly been home enough to really tend to my shop (I even put it on vacation for over a week!).  We're leaving for the holidays again in 10 days (get any orders in now, if you have been eyeing something and would like it before Christmas!), but when we return, I can't wait to have a fresh start with Dottie Adele, add several new designs (already in the works!), and keep sewing as much as possible!

Over the past couple of months, a couple of ladies have shown off their Dottie Adele threads.  Without further ado:

Here is Mallori wearing the Chambray Drawstring Skirt.  She styled it just perfectly for fall!  I want her earrings.  There's still one of these skirts left in the shop in a size small!

Alyce bought a couple of skirts and has been wearing them in the summertime, down under in Australia!  Some day I'm going to just follow summertime around the world and have it all the time.  Doesn't she look so cute in her sunnies?  B-)  <---emoticon I learned in 8th grade

I am so excited to take a holiday break with my family, and come back recharged and ready to tackle more designs in 2012.  Plus, before we know it, spring and summer will be back!!!  Also, the 100 Follower discount is still in effect in the shop, so you can enter TTT100 at checkout to get 10% off!  Thanks once again for all your support of the shop!

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  1. Congrats Val! I'm so proud and excited for you :)