The "Things We Must Do Before We Leave The City" List

Scott graduates in less than 6 months (how did four years fly by so fast?!) and so our time in New York City is drawing to a close.  We've done a good job of being both residents and tourists in this city, but now that we only have a few months until we leave, the panic of "Did we do everything we want to do?" is setting in.  We've created an NYC bucket list of all the things we've been meaning to do, and hope to get them all done in the next 6 months!

Things we've done before but want to do again:
Things we've never done but must:
  • Visit the Morris-Jumel Mansion - a bit of American history in our very own neighborhood
  • Grant's Tomb - I can't imagine I haven't at least passed by this memorial before, but just not known what it was.  I've heard it's awesome.  (edit:  did it!)
  • Saturday Night Live - Camping out all night is now my only remaining option to get these tickets... (edit: did it!)
  • Go hiking upstate - unfortunately, this will likely involve the hassle that comes with renting a car...
  • Go to Montauk
  • Kayak on the Hudson - will have to keep this one in mind for when it warms up in the spring!
  • Sleep No More - We're seeing this in the next month, I hope - just have to pick a date!  (edit:  did it!)
  • Roosevelt Island Tram (edit: did it!)
  • Please Don't Tell - shhhhhh....
Vague things that we just want to make sure to do enough of:
  • More trips out to the other boroughs (I've only been to the Bronx once!)
  • Eat at more of our neighborhood restaurants - I normally make 6 of our 7 weekly dinners, and when we go out, it's usually to celebrate with friends somewhere downtown, so we need to make it a priority to do some local eating!
  • Hang out below the numbered streets - I get scared down there without the numbers to guide me!
  • Sporting events - We'll be going to at least one more NBA game, but I'd like to hit up an MLB game too (edit:  Brooklyn Nets game)
  • Embracing New York nights - there's really nothing like being in this city well past your normal waking hours
Think we can get all this done in a mere 6 months?!  I hope so!  I'll be revisiting this list each time we get something marked off!

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