Let's Go Flying

This weekend's mini-adventure took us to Farmingdale, Long Island, where Scott cashed in his birthday present (from July...) for a mini-helicopter lesson!  Steve from Louis Fly Academy taught him the essentials and took him up for his flight.
(Could we even have asked for a more beautiful sunny day?)
After Steve walked him quickly through the parts of the helicopter and the controls, they went up for about a 20-minute flight.  I didn't get any pictures of that because I got sent back to wait in the office (they didn't want just a random woman hanging out on the runway by herself...weird), but Scott had a great time!  We spent the train ride home discussing where we would store our future personal helicopter.
20 years from now...this will be us posing in front of our real life personal helicopter.


  1. you know, marshall has also wanted an helicopter for many years now... they could have matching choppers and fly together while we shop and watch tv.