A Sweater and a Haircut

The good news about this sweater I just made is that it feels exactly as comfortable as it looks.  I looooove it.  Quick, simple < 2 hour project.  Win!

The best part is that the sleeves have these very, very tiny polka dots.  Actually, they aren't even polka dots; they are itsy bitsy teeny tiny zig zags.  How fun is that?!

Fabric - sweater knits from Fabric.com
Pattern - used this tutorial from Cotton & Curls 
Haircut - courtesy of myself in the bathroom mirror


  1. Very cute sweater! And you cut your own hair! WOW You are both brave and talented! hahaha love the bangs.

  2. Cute! And I'm super impressed with your self hair cut - I could never! Your hair looks great though - lovin the bangs :)

  3. I love both! Also, we're bang twins :)

  4. Sweater looks comfy and the bangs look great! I cut my own about every 2 weeks---but every time, I get a little worried that they won't turn out. Luckily, I've been very lucky with my home-bang-cuts!