Diary of a Surgery Recover: I Left the House!

Big news:  I have done some kind of activity outside of the house on 4 of the last 5 days!  All of them left me feeling exhausted, I had to spend hours laying down to recover from each of them, but still, after three straight weeks hardly leaving the house at all, it was needed.

FRIDAY:  My friend Lynn flew in to town from Oklahoma to run the Marathon.  Before they announced that it was cancelled, we went to the expo to pick up her race stuff.  At the time, we were so pumped!  Then about 5 hours later, the announcement came, and then we got sad.

SATURDAY:  We doubled down on Broadway shows:  Annie for the matinee, Jersey Boys for the evening!

SUNDAY:  I was really too tired to even dream of going on any downtown adventures, and Lynn wanted to run at least a little in the city, so we headed down to Riverside Park.  I laid on a blanket under the bridge and read while she clocked 6 miles.

MONDAY:  Did not leave the house.  Or the bed/couch for that matter.

TODAY:  Voting, duh.  Walked in at 10:01, walked out at 11:01 on the dot.  One hour:  not bad.

My progress in healing is much slower than I wanted or expected, but I do see a return to work in my near future!  My TV watching will surely suffer, but I guess I'm okay with that :)


  1. Yay for getting up and moving! But take it easy too, healing is certainly a process. Before you know it you'll be back at work wishing you were on the couch...in a healthy state of course :)

  2. At least you're getting better even though it's slow!!